The Context of White Supremacy welcomes André Robert Lee ( Mr. Lee taught in the New York City Public School System, and transitioned to entertainment and film. He worked on The Best Man, Shakespeare In Love and Cider House Rules. We'll be discussing his reflective documentary, The Prep School Negro. Lee re-examines his challenging Philadelphia childhood - dominated by White Supremacy. We explore how being engulfed by mostly Whites/Racists at an early age impacts one's understanding of Racism/Whites. Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady - Racist Suspects - produced Mr. Lee's documentary. These are the same Suspected Racists who created the phenomenally anti-black film, The Boys of Baraka. Black pathology = White Entertainment. [The C.O.W.S. archives:] CALL IN NUMBER: 760.569.7676 CODE 564943# SKYPE: FREECONFERENCECALLHD.7676 CODE 564943# Invest in The COWS -