Every year businesses determine what their marketing, sales, sponsorship, advertising, social,etc, etc line items will be in the budget.
If you are an entrepreneur and not doing this I would highly recommend you find a money manager and start doing this.
What many businesses forget to think about (or it's an afterthought) is events.
Events are magic.
Alright, maybe that's not the best selling point for me to give to justify adding events into your annual budget. Let's look at every major consumer brand in the US. Every single one of them does events. They spend hundreds of thousands and millions of dollars to get eyeballs on their brand and samples of products in consumer hands.
The #1 reason to do events is visibility and brand awareness.
These brands look for an ROI, but do you know that it's not always a cash/revenue ROI that they want to see?
They want to see impressions. How many people saw our product and within that there are calculations to figure out the reach of what one individual consumer is actually worth in impressions. It's a complicated math game.
So, if these brands think it's important why don't you?
You don't have to spend hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars. Let's start small.
You are an entrepreneur and have a service that you offer (coaching, tech, social media, etc). You can invite 5-20 people to an event and charge then $0-300.
This event can be held in your living room, an art gallery, a golf club or resort, a gorgeous meeting space in a local hotel. Heck, even the library. These spaces will cost you anywhere from $0-$1500.
Your invite your guests to come to a local half day or one day event to learn from you on a specific area of your service.
You show up and deliver an abundance of value and they walk away feeling like they just won the lottery. What really happened here?
You just made an impression. Hundreds of them.
If you delivered tons of value...
They are going to see you in a different light. They will see you as the expert.
They will tell their friends and business associates about you.
They will share your info on social media.
They may hire you for your expertise.
An event like this doesn't require
A lot of planning
An event planner
A large budget
Let's simplify this even mo