Ron's Amazing Stories

Ron's Amazing Stories

Latest Episodes

RAS #383 - The Moon Weed Part 1
June 06, 2019

Stories Include: The Missing Doctor, Hey Where’s My Wallet, For Anyone With Loud Upstairs Neighbors, The Moon Weed - Part 1, and Growing-Up - Life’s Perspective.

RAS #382 - The Creature At Phantom Lake Canal
May 30, 2019

Stories Include: Murder on a Train, Frankfurt Germany, The Creature at Phantom Lake Canal, Parma’s Angel, AMT - The Berlin Airlift, Growing-Up Replay, and Longevity

RAS #381 - House of Mystery
May 23, 2019

Stories Include: Murder at the X-Bar, The Tall Stranger from Roswell, It Howled Like A Dingo, The House of Mystery, and Growing-Up - Kids do the Craziest Things

RAS #380 - Night Of Fright
May 16, 2019

Stories Include: Elegant Jewel Case, UFO Coincidence, Night Of Fright, Ghost Stories With Sylvia - Hmm, A Podcast Outtake, and The Toy Shop.

RAS #379 - The Planet Zevious
May 09, 2019

Stories Include: The Glass Room, Infinity UFO, Ghoulish Caller, Nunchuck Practice, and The Planet Zevious

RAS #378 - To Haiti and Back
May 02, 2019

Stories Include: Fisherman’s Clue, Grampa’s Zombies, Haiti’s Werewolf, Spoken For, and a Horror Express mini-episode with Jason Dowd.

RAS #377 -Dr. Grimshaw’s Sanitarium
April 25, 2019

Stories Include: Death In A Turkish Bath, The Ghost Of Berlin, Grampa Theradule, Dr. Grimshaw’s Sanitarium, and A Moment In Time - The Holy Mission.

RAS #376 - The DeStoto Orbs
April 18, 2019

The stories include: Toadstools Kill, The Desoto Orbs, The Shining, Kind Of, Ghost Stories With Sylvia - More Music, OTR Commercials - Old Cars, and Which Was The King.

RAS #375 - An Encounter While Biking
April 11, 2019

The Stories Include: Pattern of Guilt, Midnight Elevator, Grampa Hanks, Second Variety - Part 4, An Encounter While Biking, and Growing Up - Weekends And Old Cars.

RAS #374 - The Red Lady of Huntingdon
April 04, 2019

Stories Include: Johnny Is It True - Pearl Harbor, The Red Lady of Huntingdon, But I’m Naked!, A Gem of a Murder, and Second Variety - Part 3.