Ron's Amazing Stories

Ron's Amazing Stories

Latest Episodes

RAS #397 - The Next Logical Step
September 12, 2019

Stories Include: Springfield Bus-Behavan, The Goats Of Chupacabra, The Ghost Girl, West Lawn Pavilion, The Next Logical Step, and An Incident On Route 12.

RAS #396 - The Day The Earth Stood Still
September 05, 2019

The Day The Earth Stood Still or Farewell to the Master

RAS #395 - The Smiling Owl
August 29, 2019

The Stories Include: The Tomb of Fadic-Alam, The Owl Angel, The Horror Express - Time Travel Revealed, Johnny is it True - Dark Side of the Moon, and The Smiling Owl.

RAS #394 - Mister Mumbles
August 22, 2019

Stories Include: Pattern Of Guilt, This is God, Mister Mumbles, Ghost Stories With Sylvia - Tales From The Dark, and The Last Supper.

RAS #393 - These Are Your Stories II
August 15, 2019

Stories include: Very Loud Noises, My Day at LBJ, Living with Loss, The Devil Was Up There, Gigantopithecus, The Ghost Of Andrew, The Truck Stop, and The Yosemite Possession.

RAS #392 - Accidental Death
August 08, 2019

Stories Include: Snap Judgement, Yenaldooshi Visits Grandma, BEK Bus Encounter, Accidental Death, A Moment in Time - June 17, 1951, and Hard Guy

RAS #391 - Spacemen Never Die!
August 01, 2019

Stories Include: The Giraffe Did it, Haunted Home In Old Mexico, The Story of La Llorona, Stanley Swan Interview, and Spacemen Never Die

RAS #390 - More Black Eyed Kids
July 25, 2019

Stories Include: The Obvious Murder, Zak Brown Fan, Charged Shadow, The Horror Express - More B.E.K.s, and Cleaning Commercials.

RAS #389 - The Myrtles Plantation
July 18, 2019

Stories Include: The 6:54 Train, The Following, The Myrtles Plantation, Ghost Stories with Sylvia - Villisca Axe Murder House.

RAS #388 - Call Of The Shadows
July 11, 2019

Stories Include: Murder In Cairo, Klatu’s Visit, Call of the Shadows, Sharing Can Be Caring, and Murder In The Death House.