Maybe, or maybe not a show tonight. DEpends if I can get away for a bathroom stall boradcast like the good old days. Going out ofr a gfs bday. Ill call in if I can. Have a good one. DOnt expect much. Keep those expectations low, so I always do a but better than you thought! lol "A dame that knows the ropes isnt likely to get tied up." -Mae West OK Im done for the night, on Facebook, I hope! Maybe Ill do a show from the bar or bathroom stall tonight at 12am, but Im not 100% sure. Its my friends birthday, so I guess its kinda rude to sneak away and do a radio show in the bathroom. But if they are a little tipsy I can get away with it. And when they start talking about TV shows, clothes, and statist propaganda from TV, Ive learned its better to walk away than stay and say something to make everyone mad. So again the radio show helps my personal relationships. They usually never know Ive been gone. Gotta love therapy like that. How many random people will I wake up tonight. Im guessing 15 total. Who knows if its more via radio or one on one? A least one on one you "know" if you really got to them or not. I sound like such a nerd though when I start popping off the anti-state quotes. Theres like two books you gotta be able to quote in the south off the top of your head if you want someone to pay attention to you. The Bible... and then whatever else related to the point you are making. Did that make sense? no. You gotta know your Bible verses or they assume you know nothing. Poor guy doesnt know what he is walking into when he tries to hit on a girl. lol. I call it "Drunk activisim"

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