Thanks to Caleb Leverett for Caling in to discuss this subject and thanks to Brett Pedersen for taking over for me while I did my hair. And to the great callers. See you tomorrow night. - Ann A question via twitter: Why "Anarchist"? Doesnt Anarchism means disorder? Abbas_Abedi: @Girls4RonPaul @RonPaulGirl Why "Anarchist"? Anarchism means disorder. They follow policies that are anti-constitutional. 3:46pm, Jan 07 from Web Girls4RonPaulGirls4RonPaul: @abbas_abedi Ill make a show dedicated to that question AGAIN! Ill send ya a ink. To long for twitter. Abbas_Abedi: @Girls4RonPaul Cool. Thanks. I will reply to it. Just dont put it on YouTube as its blocked here. I can watch Vimeo though.

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