Another post on the issue. I will address it tonight. I jsut fel liek its what Ive been saying eveyr night for two years. But I must sum it up a I guess for some "men" to follow... Article new: Where have the Libertarian Men been? from http://facebook,com/ronpaulgirls "Real Women Love Ron Paul! A group for women who follow the libertarian philosophy towards life & support Dr. Ron Paul! I love you girls! Its the first group of women Ive ever met that are not catty or mean to each other. Libertarian Principles rock. Tell me what I do wrong or right! SO LET"S KICK SOME NEO-CON ASS! " Women have a way of getting the message of ron Paul to others in a more sensitive way. We pick up on the vibes and play to each individual person who is not sure on ron Paul. Our record is darnn goo. (I just got 14 at the airpot & we had article written on how a chick convinced Cnn reporter to go libertarian.) Point To show the many women who support Dr. Ron Paul! The other candidates may have more money, but Dr. Paul has something that no amount of money can buy: He has us. He has our trust, our belief, our support and our love. Let us not let Dr. Paul, nor our country down. and the other 10 websites. You must sign up for them all to stay up to date. I Love how Ron Paul People and my fellow ladies always come through! Ladies out there... stand with us and let us change the course of history so that our children don't have to. Lets get them to turn of dancing with the stars and really become humans again with free thoughts of their own!

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