Remember that Jeopardy category called Potpourri? That's a little of what this week's episode is. We had some audio issues while recording remotely, so heads up, there are some odd cut-ins.

We are both suffering from overwhelm from the end of the school year - between the concerts, field trips, school projects due, assemblies and parties, our calendars look like a flow chart of who is doing what and when. Throw in some working mom guilt over missed events and schedule conflicts, and we are both counting down the days along with our kids.

We also share some news about an upcoming guest segment we have on the Tulsa Talks Podcast, and dive into what our dream podcast guest hosting gigs would be, including Claire's NPR dreams.

As if our kids schedules aren't enough to wear us out, we also chatted about our Pop Culture Fatigue after seeing Endgame and Game of Thrones over the weekend.

Just a little bit of everything to round out your week guys! Enjoy!

In this episode we talk about:

My Favorite Murder Live Shows

The Blue Whale on Route 66

Tulsa Talks Podcast

Judge John Hodgman

How Did This Get Made