You guys, this one got weird real fast. We started off the conversation with friend of the podcast Rhonda Hinrichs talking about what happens when your kids leave for college (flying the coop - haha, see what we did there?) - how to prepare them and yourself, plus advice for raising teens and young adults to be confident, ready to take on the world and try new things.

As her kids have grown up and gained independence, Rhonda turned her hobby of thrifting into a side hustle, as a pioneer member of Tulsa's First Street Flea. We talk about her obsession with taxidermy, dead birds and other animals, and then naturally segway into her urban chickens.

From chickens to bees, the conversation took a hard left into some hilarious stories about various pets we have had as kids and adults, wild critters in our houses and the circle of life (see, we told you it got weird). Get ready to laugh!

In this episode we talk about:

The Buckhorn Museum

Urban Archaeology

The First Street Flea

Drinking with Chickens