We could have talked for hours with our guest this week, she had so many amazing stories and tips! Briana Hefley-Shepard first shares with us the story about her daughters special relationship with the train conductor that drives past the office daily, and how that story went viral after Briana posted an emotional Facebook story about what happened once her daughter started school and wasn't there to wave each day. She explains how quickly the story spread, what it was like to get bombarded with media requests, and what she plans to do with the story now that the frenzy has settled down.

Briana also shared with us how she started The Alliday Show, how it's changed over the years, and how she balances that commitment with her full time job, motherhood and multiple side projects. In addition to running that show at the holidays, she once committed to hand making 500 pins for the Philbrook Festival - and has some great insight on taking things step by step to keep sane.

We also pick her maker brain about creating with your kids, and she shares some great tips that apply to anything from sewing and art to Legos and cooking (which is more Claire and Sarah's speed).


In this episode we talk about:

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