Rewilding Earth

Rewilding Earth

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Episode 30: Dan Imhoff on Making Farming More Creaturely
August 23, 2019

About Dan Dan Imhoff is a researcher, author, and independent publisher who has concentrated for over 20 years on issues related to farming, the environment, and design. He is the author of numerous articles, essays,

Episode 29: Kim Crumbo on Wolves, War, and Optimism
August 08, 2019

Kim Crumbo leads Wildlands Network’s efforts to restore native carnivores to their rightful place on landscapes across the West. He works closely with diverse conservation partners and regional coalitions to engage scientists, communities,

Episode 28: Christopher Ketcham “This Land”
July 17, 2019

Christopher Ketcham has written for dozens of publications, including Harper’s, National Geographic, and The New Republic. He has reported from the American West for more than a decade. This book is a product of those years in the last wild places.

Episode 27: David Johns Conservation Politics
July 15, 2019

About David David Johns teaches courses at the School of Government, Portland State University on US constitutional law and politics, politics and the environment, and politics and film. He has also taught at Oregon State University and the Institute f...

Episode 26: Jo Ann Baumgartner Farming With The Wild
June 14, 2019

About Jo Ann Jo Ann is the Executive Director of the Wild Farm Alliance. She is the author of many publications on the intersection between biodiversity conservation and agriculture, including beneficial birds,

Episode 25: Roland Kays On Eastern Coyote And High-Tech Tracking
June 04, 2019

About Roland Kays Roland is a zoologist with a broad interest in ecology and conservation, especially of mammals.  He studies research questions that are scientifically interesting but also have real-world relevance through educational or conservation ...

Episode 24: Keith Bowers On The Front Lines Of Restoration and Rewilding
May 14, 2019

For over three decades, Keith Bowers has been at the forefront of applied ecology, land conservation and sustainable design.  Founder and president of Biohabitats, Keith has built a multidisciplinary organization focused on conservation planning,

Episode 23: Terry Spahr Executive Producer of 8 Billion Angels
April 29, 2019

About Terry Spahr Environmentalist and activist Terry Spahr left the corporate world to research, write and produce 8 Billion Angels, a documentary feature which exposes overpopulation as the upstream cause of all our environmental emergencies.

Episode 22: Randy Hayes The “Environmental Pitbull”
April 04, 2019

What’s it like to have called for the end of industrial civilization as we knew it in the 1970’s, in order to prevent what is happening today, only to live through decades of more of the same? For Randy Hayes, its meant founding organizations,

Episode 21: Ed Friedman Migratory Fish Restoration in Merrymeeting Bay
March 23, 2019

About Ed Friedman Ed has been a resident of Bowdoinham near the shore of Merrymeeting Bay for over 35 years where he operates helicopter, welding, kayaking and farming businesses. His broad based background in the natural sciences includes over 45 year...