Revenue Optimization Radio by Altify

Revenue Optimization Radio by Altify

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Unleashing the entire revenue team to solve customer problems
May 22, 2019

Selling to the top 100 companies in the world requires not just strong qualification and a strategic approach to opportunity management, it requires changing the mindset from “what can we sell the customer,” to “what problem are we solving.” Jane shares..

Revenue Optimization – Getting started with Account Planning
May 15, 2019

Customer Revenue Optimization is all about delivering value for customers, which presents new opportunities to upsell and cross-sell. Most companies miss the mark on upselling. In fact, according to new research from Gartner, 72% of organizations fail t..

Everyone’s business is the business of selling experience
May 08, 2019

Today we’re all in the Experience economy, and digital transformation is now mainstream, so how do companies compete? This show gets into the details of Insight-Driven Experience Design and new research from Nicole France at Constellation Research. Your..

Customer Revenue Optimization - Automate sales or be left behind.
May 02, 2019

The highly competitive world of b2b sales is seeing the emergence of a new category beyond CRM - Customer Revenue Optimization (CRO). CRO represents a new phase of strategic guided selling and the automation sales process and methodology. It also recogn..

Research States Women in Sales Have a 10% Greater Win Rate
April 24, 2019

Altify Research Stated, "If the salesperson is a Woman you will see a 10% Greater Win Rate" which led the host Patrick Morrissey to discuss how to recruit and hire top women in sales. Morrissey smiled when he read Altify’s recent research, The Customer ..

Building a level 3 strategic seller – and strategic sales force
April 17, 2019

Most tenured salespeople think of themselves as strategic sellers, but do they really have the skills? The real judge and jury is the customer.  Are you perceived as a professional seller vs. those you compete with? The harsh reality is that you are com..

So where do you find a sales scientist?
April 09, 2019

With the explosion of technology and the macro-trend of digital sales transformation, sales is aggressively moving from art to science. Where do you find sales scientists? And what’s required to build a sales scientist. Cari Baldwin joins us to talk abo..

Cracking the Code on Sales and Marketing Alignment
April 03, 2019

You need to LISTEN to this episode. Lance Walter walks us through the difference between hearing and listening, as well as how sales and marketing can actually integrate with a lot of success in an organization. The code is right in front of you. Get re..

Women In Revenue – What it takes to attract and retain the top talent
March 27, 2019

  In this session, host Patrick Morrissey interviews Tracy Eiler about what it takes to attract and retain women in revenue.  Top players that increase revenue are in demand, be it attendance at a professional game or products sold in B2B. Recruiting to..

AI & The Rise of the Account Based Approach to Everything
March 20, 2019

The two biggest buzzwords in sales and marketing are ABM and AI. In this interview, Nipul Chokski, VP of Marketing and Lattice Engines cuts through the jargon to talk about how account based marketing and AI improve sales and marketing, and increase re...