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Comments Corrections - We
were sent lots of extra information on The Living Seas, even a
voicemail.  On the podcast, we bring up some new facts and extra things
that were brought to our attention.
Listener Mail - This
month our mail was crazy good. Tons of great feedback, stories and
extra information. We appreciate everyone that gets in touch with us to
share memories and stories. Everything from Kitchen Kabaret updates,
Living Seas follow-ups and even some new information regarding evening
cruises with new restrooms being installed. Please contact us with your questions, comments and concerns; we love hearing from you - podcast@retrodisneyworld.com

RetroWDW Merchandise
- How has designed a fourth of July, Retro Epcot themed piece of
merchandise. This is based all around the "build your own flag"
touchscreen game that used to be in Epcot. These are RetroWDW original
works of art, done by How. Super neat stuff that is only available for a
limited time. Be sure to get your shirt, iPhone case, tote bag, pillow
or coffee mug today: www.retrodisneyworld.com/supportus

Audio Rewind -
Huge number of correct responses this month. Congratulations to our
winner, Tom Yoder, he guessed "Space" from Horizons. Brian won the
All-Star Movies plastic mug set. If you think you know the answer to the
audio rewind this month, email us at podcast@retrodisneyworld.com
for a chance to win a mint copy of 1985 Disney News, courtesy of Joel.
Send your guesses by July 12, 2016 - All answers will also be entered
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Prize Pot Items
- As you may have heard, our year end prize this year will include a
different prize from every month. So far, we have an Orange Bird Yo-Yo
from January, a brochure from The World of Motion given away in
February, the March prize is a Golf Resort Mickey head logo golf bag
tag, an Epcot Center salt and pepper shaker set, a Disney
Glass Candy Dish, Tomorrowland Handbook and new this month; a copy of
'85 Disney News donated by our listener Joel. The pot will continue to
grow each month with new and exciting prizes! To win the prize pot in
December, just answer any audio rewind question each month for one entry.
Main Topic
- In the spirit of the summer, How takes us back to the 70s and the
world famous America On Parade.  This vintage parade wasn't seen by
many, including most of us, but it is such an interesting piece of
history. Learn all about the giant sandwiches, large headed characters
and everything else that made this craziness happen. We have a great
video to accompany this months podcast, take a look on the Retro Disney World YouTube Channel.
The RetroWDW Event
- November 19-20, D23 will be hosting an event at Walt Disney World.
Our posse is planning an event that weekend where you can interact with
us, look at some vintage WDW artifacts, host a guest and even record a
live podcast. This is all in the planning stages and we will be ironing
out the details over the coming months. We are planning The Retro Disney
World Lake Lagoon Tour with your favorite hosts, showcasing all
of the vintage pieces that are still there.
Listener Memories
- Keep the calls coming, sharing your memories and giving us feedback.
If you would like to call and leave us a message, please dial 978-71-RETRO. Keep the calls coming! 
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