Well, hello there! In this episode, Brandon and Billy are joined again, at long last, by our dear friend Puma. Billy reviews Moonrise Kingdom and we talk briefly about Wes Anderson, and Billy also discusses watching the first season of American Horror Story. Brandon asks the boys if they’ve seen the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles show, inspiring an argument as to whether the theme song is awesome or not, and Billy mentions some random video about a woman getting tased. We then move into a long discussion/review of Looper (spoilers abound). To close the show, Puma entertains us with classic story time.

Be sure to check out Billy’s new story, he would definitely appreciate the readership and feedback. Tune in next week for more Puma (with a surprise guest), and look forward to a series of episodes chronicling Dac’s epic trip to North America. Please send us emails with topic suggestions and questions, or if you’d like to join us on an episode in the future. Thanks for listening!!