What up, internet. Dash joins us, finally, in this episode to bullshit while Billy randomly title-drops 80s pop songs; and yes, we encourage the latter to be turned into a drinking game. The boys talk of being doctors and the woes of university tuition, and discuss The West Wing and The Newsroom. Bringing up Indiana Jones 4, we briefly talk about Disney’s Lucasfilm buyout, and close the show with some questions about food, concerts, and Dash’s near-finished CRUD series. And there’s random discussion on the usual movies, games, and comics, because we’re original like that. Also, be sure to keep an eye on Dash’s blog for updates about his upcoming Multiverse project!

Tune in next week for some discussion on the Oscar nominees and Golden Globe winners. Be sure to send us emails with topic suggestions and questions, or if you’d like to join us on an episode in the future. Thanks for listening!!