Hello! Many of you will be stoked to see that you can now find Retcast on iTunes (again)!! When we switched over to the new website, our iTunes feed got messed up and eventually deleted, but we’ve since updated the feed and gotten a new listing. If you’re new to the podcast, iTunes is a great way to stay updated so be sure to subscribe; if you were subscribed to the old feed, make sure you re-subscribe to this new one. Hooray!

This episode, our dear friend Megafire joins Billy and Brandon to talk about their New Year’s Eve adventures, school and the holiday break, and life, the universe, and everything. Billy gives us a brief review of Django Unchained, the newest film from Quentin Tarantino; no spoilers, you need not worry. Brandon gives his first impressions of How I Met Your Mother, and Peter discusses The Hobbit and Cloud Atlas as a couple of his favourite movies of last year.  Billy also confesses his love for Pizza Hut. The boys finish the show by checking out Flickchart and rank their first batch of movies. Be sure to take a look at our profile and keep track of our list as we continue this in the weeks to come.

You may have been expecting Dashiva this week, but you will hear from him next week! Please send us emails with topic suggestions and questions for future episodes, or if you’d like to join us on the show. Thanks for listening!!