Relic: The Lost Treasure Podcast

Relic: The Lost Treasure Podcast

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Episode 39 – Treasure Island
July 05, 2019

During the 1800s, the rising tide of revolt in South America forced the Viceroy of Lima to move thousands upon thousands of dollars worth of treasure and religious iconography to Mexico. Only, it didn’t make the journey,

Episode 38 - To Catch a Panther
June 19, 2019

Since the early 2000s, a number of high stakes diamond heists have taken the world’s wealthiest cities by storm. At first, the only evidence connecting the robberies was the extravagant, theatrical, and meticulously planned heists that often saw the pe...

Episode 37 - A Feast for Anubis
June 05, 2019

In 1922, the Carver expedition went to Egypt and discovered King Tutankhamen’s tomb, sending the world into an Egyptology frenzy. Haunting the publicity were rumors that a curse had been unleashed as well. What are the origins of the Curse of the Phara...

Episode 36 – Stealing The Moon
May 22, 2019

When the first manned mission to the moon camp back to Earth, they brought back samples of the lunar geology. President Richard Nixon ordered a few of these samples to be segmented, encased in lucite, and gifted to the nations of the world.

The Adventure Continues…
April 15, 2019

Some updates on the rest of the season. Including the announcement that the Relic Patreon is now hosting ongoing episodes of Tales of the Reliquary! You can also now here me on Sydney’s own 2ser 107.3.

Episode 35 – Relic Down Under: The Mystery of the Min Min Lights
April 01, 2019

We’re back, folks! Sarah from Good Nightmare joins me on the first of several mid-season episodes on Australian mysteries. Strange lights in the outback have been reported since before the arrival of white settlers.

Episode 34 – A Hint of Riches
January 09, 2019

Relic explores treasures that have been lost due to human error and greed, but what if a treasure was lost on purpose? This episode covers four infamous–and very real-treasure hunts: Forrest Fenn’s treasure, Masquerade, The Secret, and the Golden Owl.

Holiday Minisode: Gifts of the Magi
December 24, 2018

A little Christmas stocking stuffer of an episode! The Three Wise Men are common fixtures of most Nativity scenes, but the The Bible actually offers very little information on who they were and where they came from…

Episode 33 – Silk and Slaughter
December 21, 2018

Genghis Khan ushered in the 13th century of a tidal wave of carnage and conquest. Yet for all of the horrors attributed to the Mongol ruler, history paints a much more nuanced portrait of a rational, progressive, and open minded leader.

Episode 32 - Legend of the Lost Dutchman's Mine
December 05, 2018

The Superstition Mountains of Arizona have inspired many tall tales of the American Southwest, but none more intricate and longlasting the Lost Dutchman’s Mine. Wrapped up in a tangled web of greed, colonization, and mysterious deaths,