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Scotland's Forgotten History Podcast

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Trinity Apse, Chalmer’s Close, Edinburgh – The Journey of the Covenant, Pt5 – SH015
May 24, 2019

Matthew Vogan finds the original church building where the people of Edinburgh began to sign the National Covenant. But what does the Old Scots word "Yellach"  (or yelloch) mean?  And why did the people give it?   To dig deeper, visit www.

Greyfriars Kirk, Edinburgh – The Journey of the Covenant, Pt4 – SFH014
May 17, 2019

What happened when the ministers in the Church of Scotland were of one mind and agreed on a united course of action to stand for true religion, in accordance with their Confession, in order to recover the purity and liberty of the gospel?

Candlemaker Row, Edinburgh – The Journey of the Covenant, Pt3 – SFH013
May 10, 2019

It's the morning of the 28th of February, and the National Covenant is making its way up the hill to Greyfriars Kirk.... - Matthew Vogan continues tracing the Journey of the Covenant from a very noisy Candlemaker Row in Edinburgh,

The Three Sisters, Cowgate, Edinburgh – The Journey of the Covenant, Pt2 – SFH012
April 20, 2019

On Tuesday, 27th February, 1638, a group of between two to three hundred ministers met here (the Tailors' Hall) to consider the draft text of the National Covenant for signing at Greyfriars the next day.  Matthew Vogan traces the Journey of the Nationa...

Warriston’s Close, Edinburgh – The Journey of the Covenant, Pt1 – SFH011
April 13, 2019

The National Covenant was renewed on the 28 February 1638.  Archibald Johnston, one of the drafters alongside Alexander Henderson, described that day as "The Glorious Marriage Day of the Kingdom With God."  Over steep steps and cobbled streets,

Richard Cameron – Douglas, Lanarkshire – SFH010
April 05, 2019

Richard Cameron was one of the most influential figures among the Covenanters, but the story of what happened to his head and hands is rather grisly. Matthew Vogan of Reformation Scotland is joined again by Jimmy Fisher of Scottish Reformation Tours in...

Argyll Rising – Carnwath – SFH009
March 22, 2019

Matthew Vogan is back with Jimmy Fisher in Carnwath finding out how Sir William Denham and Sir Thomas Stewart were involved in Argyll's Rising.

Samuel Rutherford – Scotland Place, London – SFH008
March 01, 2019

Matthew Vogan is back down in London, tracking down the location where Samuel Rutherford gave a stirring communion address prior to attending the Westminster Assembly in 1643. -   - To dig deeper, visit

Donald Cargill – Covington Mill – SFH007
February 22, 2019

Lying in ashes and dodging swords. Jimmy Fisher of Scottish Reformation Tours joins Matthew Vogan on a back road in rural Lanarkshire to talk a little about Donald Cargill and some of his escapes.  (We will return to him again!) - To dig deeper,

John Blackadder – North Berwick – SFH006
February 15, 2019

If 50 soldiers were sent into town to arrest you, would you be bold enough to invite them into your church so you could preach the Gospel to them?  That's what John Blackadder did. After being expelled from his pulpit for refusing to comply with the go...