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Episode #59 - Men in Black: International
August 02, 2019

We did our second live review of the summer, Men in Black (colon) International. Not even a neuralizer can save you from what happens in this movie. Nick and Stephen are alone in the headquarters and almost burn the place to the ground. They do top 5 MIB

Episode #58 - The Beach
July 25, 2019

Two idiots and Brittany decide to talk about Danny Bolye’s worst film, and it gets REAL weird. We finally introduce the world to the genius that is our social media guru, and why a Southeast Asia sabbatical to an overcrowded island can lead yourself into

Episode #57 - Taxi
July 12, 2019

Queen Latifah. Jimmy Fallon. Taxis. How this golden triangle of comedy didn’t come together to produce a watershed comedy of the decade is beyond us. We blame Uber! Everyone blame Uber! Join the guys for a Kyle-less and Alex-less podcast extravaganza, whe

Episode #56 - Dark Phoenix
June 28, 2019

Reel Rotten is Dead, and we are REBORN AS A DARK PHOENIX PODCAST. We’ve entered a new age. A live age. An age where Nick and Stephen PAY their hard earned money and see movies in theaters. This is our first live review, and we stupidly did Dark Phoenix. W

Episode #55 - Rollerball (2002)
June 14, 2019

After all… you’re my Rollerballlll. This week we watched what can only be described as a movie, Rollerball. Joined by now recurring guest Mike Choinard, the guys get into the 2002 Rollerball remake. Never seen the first one, it’s OK they didn’t either. In

Episode #54 - Godzilla (1998)
May 30, 2019

It's a bird. It’s a plane. It’s something that looks pretty similar to Godzilla. That’s right, the guys are taking on the King of Monsters and talking the Matthew Broderick Godzilla. You may know it by it’s alternate title, Jurassic Park: Dumb Version. Th

Episode #53 - Mother's Day (Bonus)
May 17, 2019

Nick's MOM is back! Deb returns for the season two finale Mother's Day episode. She explains childbirth, which kid is her favorite and a mother's love. They talk Julia Roberts' wig, top movie moms of all time, and how Stephen will never feel real love. Al

Episode #52 - Pokemon: The First Movie
May 09, 2019

Gather you holographic Pokemon cards! It’s time to throw down for Pokemon: The First Movie. Pokemon trainer Jess joins the crew. Together they talk personal top 5 Pokemon, how Team Rocket deserves better, and how Pikachu has to be the strongest Pokemon of

Episode #51 - The Avengers
April 26, 2019

This week we watched Avengers. Not Infinity War or Endgame... The Avengers.  Where Sean Connery tries to kill people with the weather while wearing a bear costume. In this episode the guys argue with Kyle, shame Kjax and his fact shack and draft Marvel Av

Episode #50 - Joe Dirt
April 17, 2019

IT’S OUR 50TH EPISODE! To celebrate, we had a HOF Joefest! Returning guest Joe Mancini joins Nick, Stephen, (and Kyle) to get down and Joe Dirty and talk about other Joe movies, Livermore, CA, poop jokes, and Dave Matthews Band.