It has been a few weeks but we’re back after Mike’s voyage to the United States. Liverpool find themselves in a decent position in the table just a few points back from European play next season. Though they fell flat on their faces over the weekend to Oldham in the F.A. Cup. United meanwhile continue to roll in cup play and advanced over Fulham. They’ll play Fulham again on Saturday at the home of Michael Jackson’s statue. Liverpool meanwhile have a big fixture on Super Bowl Sunday against Manchester City. Let’s hope they can take some points from the Mario Balotelli-less Blues.

What You’ll Get in this Episode:

Mike called a big win over Norwich

Then Liverpool follows this up with a dreadful performance at Oldham

Eek out a draw vs Arsenal which feels more like 2 points lost rather than a point gained

Brad Jones, yikes.

Manchester United draw against Spurs, Rafael you idiot!

Beat a poor Fulham side in the Cup 4-1.

De Gea gives up another dreadful goal, this time to Southampton in today’s 2-1 win over the Saints


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