Holding The High Line with Rabbi and Red

Holding The High Line with Rabbi and Red

Latest Episodes

S2 E45: We Finally Disagree
September 13, 2019

Six Point Week, Rookie of the Year, Toronto Preview

Lino De Rosa Interview
September 05, 2019

Italy's Colorado Rapids Super Fan is coming home!

S2 E44: $4 Per Month
September 05, 2019

Altitude Sports Negotiations, Red Bulls Recap, Tough Home Games

S2 E43: Robin Fraser's Pablo-to-Pep Rating
August 28, 2019

Robin Fraser Hiring Full Analysis

S2 E42: HTHL After Dark
August 23, 2019

Houston Dynamo Recap, Rocky Mountain Cup Preview with Brian Dunseth

Announcement: Thursday Meetup
August 19, 2019

Mark's back in town. Let's beer.

S2 E41: Didgeridoo Speech
August 14, 2019

MLS News, Johan Blomberg, Beating San Jose, Double Game Week Preview

S2 E40: Open Bucket of Worms (things got weird)
August 07, 2019

Win against Montreal and the Plague, Familiar Foe, and Lalas Abubakar Interview

S2 E39: Deep Kaka
July 31, 2019

San Jose Recap, Coaching Search Timing, Montreal Preview, Transfer Window

S2 E38: Man Marking Head Case
July 25, 2019

NYCFC Referee Controversies, San Jose Preview, Ask HTHL Three Pack