Tate Englund Yoga Podcast

Tate Englund Yoga Podcast

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Q+A – Warrior 1, Props for Home Practice & the Vagina Monologues
July 16, 2018

In this podcast we answer questions that relate to warrior 1 & moon pose alignment, koundinyasana and koundinyasana transitions, tips & props for gaining more flexibility in your shoulders, hamstrings & backbends that you can do and use at home.

Twisty Vinyasa
June 26, 2018

In this 60 minute Vinyasa class with Tate, we are focusing on twisting of the spine. It is important when you twist, that you twist with a long straight spine. To prevent injuries, you are going to want use your core,

Back Body Strengthening with Tate
June 07, 2018

As power vinyasa yogis, we are constantly forward folding and using our push muscles (think chaturanga!) in our yoga practice & daily lives. We don’t spend nearly as much time strengthening the back body creating a large muscle imbalance between the fr...