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Princeton Baptist Church

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Sermon: The Hero of Judah
May 19, 2019

Speaker: Jude Klassen Text: Genesis 38:1-30 Life Group Questions 1. In what areas do you tend to take the weight of being the hero on yourself? Why? 2. How can we live in a way that points to Jesus as the hero of our story?

Sermon: Jacob’s Favourite Son
May 12, 2019

Speaker: Kyle Nichols Text: Genesis 37 Life Group Questions How does Joseph’s story point us to Christ? In what ways does this shape your understanding of God’s love? How do you live our this understanding of the love of God?

Sermon: The Misplaced Zeal of God’s People
May 07, 2019

Speaker: Kyle Nichols Passage: Genesis 34 Life Group Questions Has there been a time in your life where your desire to stand up for yourself or someone you love replaced your desire to respond like Christ? What does it look like to glorify God in the m...

Sermon: Easter 2019
April 21, 2019

Speaker: Kyle Nichols

Sermon: A Life of Obedience
April 14, 2019

Speaker: Kyle Nichols Text: Genesis 32-33 What do you think of when you hear the word “obedience?” For most of us, it’s probably not a super exciting thought. But as we continue Jacob’s life story in this sermon,

Sermon: Real, Actual, Living Faith
April 07, 2019

Speaker: Kyle Nichols Text: Genesis 29-31 Life Group Questions Where have you come to in your consideration of whether Christianity is actually real? Why? What areas of your life need to be shaped by the resurrection and God’s promise of brand new life...

Sermon: The Gate of Heaven
March 31, 2019

Speaker: Jude Klassen Text: Genesis 28:10-22 Life Group Questions For discussion following April 7th

Sermon: Christ In You
March 24, 2019

Speaker: Mark Howarth Colossians 1:25-27 Colossians 2:2-3

Sermon: True Blessings
March 17, 2019

Genesis 27:1-28:8

Sermon: Life Among the Godless
March 10, 2019

How should followers of Jesus act toward a culture that is drifting speedily away from the beliefs of Christianity? The actions of Isaac in Genesis chapter 26 give us insight to what it means (and doesn’t mean) to be, as Jesus puts it, In the world,