N2 Global Solutions Inc. (N2) has created the Internal SuperGrid which is an electrical, wireless, agnostic sensor network that enables local and remote communication in commercial and non-commercial buildings. The company’s SuperGrid includes The SuperSocket, SuperSwitch, and SuperFixture modules that are connected through N2's proprietary software. N2 Global Solutions Inc. was incorporated in 2010 and based in New York City

N2 Global Solutions..We Chat With The Co-founder, Inventor, COO and Chairman of N2 Global Solutions, Inc., a New York City-based technology company that has developed “the first integrated wireless network” of its kind—an Internal 'Super Grid’ that consists of modules that retrofit into a building’s existing electrical junction boxes, that communicate remotely with an existing Building’s Management Systems (BMS), and support today’s new construction Net Zero initiatives and formidably aid in documentation and compliance with the US Green Building Council (USGBC) Well Building Standards.

Mr. Amelio is an expert at optimizing brand recognition and equity and the key inventor of the N2 Super Grid, technology with a Snap-on, M2M agnostic protocols that communicate agnostically to integrate with other best-of-breed solutions where academicians believe that this revolutionary technology may lead to the Internet of Things.

Prior to N2™, Mr. Amelio served as creative consultant to LOIS/USA, Serino Coyne, Inc., Lowe Lintas, and Havas Worldwide, before becoming Co-founder/CEO of Wicked Lizard Advertising, an international advertising agency, where he built strategic global partnerships and developed innovative programs in conventional consumer advertising, marketing and branding sector. He has worked along side some of the greatest creative minds of our time.
N2 Global Solutionshttp://www.n2-gs.com/
In a world increasingly driven by computer and mobile phone screens, the visual component of marketing has become even more important, elevating the importance of integration with truthfully disruptive communication, effectively translating the marketing strategy into a persuasive message. Mr. Amelio was responsible for more than $50 million in revenue of a privately held corporation. He delivered multi-million dollar campaigns for its high profile clients, helping them to become market leaders: Steve Madden, AT&T, Coca Cola, MTV and Inter IKEA Systems, B.V., where Mr. Amelio analyzed and introduced a new product idea that redefined the logistics platform. He had similar success with CHEP, a Bramble-owned, global pallet, pooling distribution company.

Mr. Amelio received a bachelor’s degree in advertising and a BFA, Advertising & Design, from Syracuse University.

N2 Global Solutions has developed and perfected a product called “The Sandbox,” which is essentially a supersocket that will replace the common wall socket that has been around for a century or more.

By incorporating sensors into sockets and switches, N2’s supersocket detect changes in the environment and make adjustments that reduce energy waste drastically and have the ability to save firefighters’ lives by warning of a fire hours before smoke appears.

The technology combines wireless tools such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth into a single system that monitors and controls energy consumption, making SmartGrid a reality.

This supersocket combines everything that a residential or commercial building owner is forced to regulate now through a variety of switches. This box features HVAC, security, fire, lighting, heating, computer software technology (computer and Wi-Fi connections) all in one socket.

This smart grid technology enables control from local and remote points and has been tested so thoroughly that ConEdison is on the company’s board and Start-Up NY and NYU Tandon School of Engineering are on board to fund and perfect its rollout.

David Katz, COO also joins us..
David Katz is a keen assessor of the latest techn