Passionate about using drones to change the world.
Congrats on the funding....$16M

Kespry is the leading commercial drone and data intelligence provider, offering the most advanced product on the market. Industrial firms all over the world are using Kespry to track inventory, monitor progress, and more efficiently run their businesses.

Paul-Doersch-225x300-2Paul is the CEO and Founder of Kespry.

In 2013, Paul combined his passion for Aerospace and Computer Science by founding Kespry.

From 2010 to 2013, Paul worked at the BMW Group Technology Office USA where he spearheaded BMW’s first 3rd party service integrations including Pandora Radio, and led the team that created BMW M Laptimer.
In 2010, Paul graduated with a B.S. in Computer Science from Stanford University.

1) (Forbes interview with Paul about Kespry's Series B)
We Chat About...
- What is Kespry?
- How do customers use your product?
- What did you start Kespry?
- Your team has gone from 25 employees to over 50 in a year and is hiring for many positions, what advice could you share with other entrepreneurs who are experiencing rapid team growth?
- Where do you see the commercial drone industry in five years from now?

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