Point Your Toes!

Point Your Toes!

Latest Episodes

Point Your Toes! Ep 70 Flexibility
September 12, 2019

D & T discuss stretching!

Point Your Toes! Ep 69 Pre-Production
August 21, 2019

D & T talk the trials and tribulations of prepro!

Point Your Toes! Ep 68 Pathways Ft. Ashley Hart Adams
August 15, 2019

D & T talk about different pathways in life feature special guest Ashley Hart Adams.

Point Your Toes! Ep 67 Your Make Up is Terrible Ft. Susie Knowles
July 31, 2019

D & T talk wigs and makeup with special guest Susie Knowles

Point Your Toes! Ep 66 Questions
July 24, 2019

D & T answer some burning questions.

Point Your Toes! Ep 65 That one time in College Ft. Clenton Hollinger
July 03, 2019

D & T along with special guest Clenton Hollinger Talk college program Do's and Don'ts

Point Your Toes! Ep 64 Graduation 2019
June 19, 2019

Another year another graduation!

Point Your Toes! Ep 63 Tony Awards 2019
June 11, 2019

D & T talk the Tony awards. We promise this isn't' something T made up.

Point Your Toes! Ep 62 Beetlejuice Beetlejuice Beetlejuice
June 04, 2019

A night at the theatre part 3 Beetlejuice the musical.

Point Your Toes Ep 61 Producer Ft Jonathan Demar
May 15, 2019

D & T sit down with Producer and actor Jonathan Demar