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When Choosing Digital Tools, Consider Context
August 05, 2019

The Engine Room's Laura Guzman reveals the most important factor in choosing the right digital tools for your organization.

Ensuring Funder Support for Digital Infrastructure
July 05, 2019

Bahrain-based Esra'a Al Shafei has gone to great lengths to preserve the basic infrastructure that would keep digital civil society secure. Are funders listening?

GDPR One Year Later, Part 3
June 27, 2019

Data experts predict the future of practice, legislation, and advocacy as the EU data regulation hits home.

GDPR One Year Later, Part 2
June 21, 2019

Philanthropy data experts connect current practices to challenges brought about by the EU data regulation.

GDPR One Year Later, Part 1
June 19, 2019

Digital Impact's Heather Noelle Robinson and Chris Delatorre call on data experts to reflect on the first 12 months of the EU data regulation.

Using Consequence Scanning to Mitigate Harm
June 07, 2019

Samantha Brown of Doteveryone explains how data practitioners can design for the best possible outcome.

Meeting the Challenge of Impact Evaluation 
May 03, 2019

Nick Hamlin of GlobalGiving explains how the organization ran an impact study to measure its own effectiveness and why all nonprofits should follow suit.

Bridging the Gap of Humanitarian Data
April 05, 2019

Stuart Campo of UNOCHA's Centre for Humanitarian Data explains how challenges related to managing data risk in the sector are breathing life into a new set of working guidelines for data responsibility.

The Problem with Palantir
March 01, 2019

For our first 4Q4 podcast, we invite the The Engine Room's Zara Rahman to shed light on a new partnership between WPF and Palantir Technologies, a US company with ties to intelligence communities.

Predict-a-palooza: Civil Society Forecast 2019
January 30, 2019

Podcast and Transcript: An expert panel and our virtual audience forecast the most important trends and challenges facing digital civil society in 2019.