Affaircare is REFRESHING the website this month, so we thought it would be a good month to have a Refresh Series to refresh everyone on our fundamental concepts.  We are going to refresh YOU with our straightforward, Christian guidance while we refresh the look of the site and refresh the podcast.
This week we start our Refresh Series with 1) Signs your spouse is cheating.  In the next weeks we’ll continue with more central discussions, on topics like “What is an affair and how do they start?” “What to do if you’ve Just Found Out: , and “The steps you can take to save your marriage.”

The Categories of Signs that Your Spouse is Cheating
The Classic Clue:
When you see lipstick on your husband’s shirt or strange hairs on their clothing or in the car.
Sign 1–Gut Instinct
Sign 2–Behavior That Is Not Their Usual Character
Sign 3–Birth Control
Sign 4–Showering andCologne
Sign 5–Uncomfortable Around You
Sign 6–Electronic Clues (email, cell phone, and computer)
Sign 7–Things Are Just Different at Home
Sign 8–Lots and Lots of Changes
Sign 9–Telephone Mannerisms That Are Differen
Sign 10–Automobile Related Signs That Something is Up
Sign 11–Paper Trails of a Cheating Spouse
Sign 12–Sex Tip-offs That Something’s Wrong
Sign 13–Work-related Signs That They May Be Cheating
Sign 14–Things you’ll hear

* “We are just friends.”
* You are not respecting my privacy.”
* “I Love You But I’m Not In Love With You.”
* “I need some space to figure out my feelings.”

Check out “ALL the Signs Your Spouse is Cheating” for more examples, of each of these categories!