Not necessarily in that order! But let's start that way. Author and radio host, Paul Louden talks about how fidget spinners can help with autism. Manny the Movie Guy reviews Cars 3, All Eyez on Me, and a raunchy comedy featuring Scarlett Johansson. Plus, Phil saves Manny's bacon rap (sic)! Brooke Peterson joins Phil in the studio and they offer these stories: Cosby may get off again (legally, this time). YouTube sensation, Austin Jones may show up on Megan's List soon. It's Vegetarian versus Rabid Raccoon! Woman wakes up with a snake in her bed, but this time it's an actual snake! Bonus Frog grows two extra legs thanks to secretive scientist. College Football scholarship for 11 year old phenom. U.S. Open of e Coli. Americans are charitable as heck. Breakfast cereal-inspired fashion eye-wear. And Phil's epic rant: Who knew the Google Maps Lady could be so helpful?