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Pete Orta's Sermons

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Romans: Cast
August 18, 2019

Today, we are seeing more and more people fall away from the faith—pastors, worship leaders, and authors who the church now is calling apostates. Those who once were strong pillars of the faith who now denounce what they once believed.

Romans: Paper Tiger
August 12, 2019

When Paul penned Romans 6:12-14 he gave us an opportunity to investigate how sin once reigned in our mortal bodies. And although every Christian falls short of the glory of God, nothing should ever place us in the position to be dominated by any partic...

Romans: Dead Weight
August 04, 2019

Paul traces his previous questions that he raised in verse 1-4 with indisputable statements found in Romans 6:5-11 that places all who are saved at Golgotha as Jesus was being crucified. The difficulty in this understanding might also bring confusion w...

Romans: Newness of Life
July 28, 2019

So Paul is not accused of preaching antinomianism (cheap grace) in chapter 5:20, he fires off four questions at the heart of his listeners who might misinterpret his definition of grace. This portion of Scripture unboxes the difference between our body...

Romans: Unfading
July 21, 2019

In Romans 5:15-21 Paul shares with us that Christ doesn't just offer the free gift of salvation, but so much more is promised to us beyond our  conversion. Click and enjoy.

Romans: The Butterfly Effect
July 07, 2019

Romans 5:12-14 is known as the most difficult block of text within the book of Romans. It begs the question, "How can I be condemned for Adam's sin when I wasn't there in the garden of eden?" Unboxing these verses not only separates the stark differenc...

Romans: This Is Love
June 30, 2019

Paul takes the opportunity to preach the gospel to the Romans in 5:6-11 by comparing our love to the love of the Father and the sacrifice of His son.

Romans: Root Bound (Part 2)
June 23, 2019

Romans 5:1-5 holds one of the keys to understanding how we are to rejoice in our seasons of suffering.

Romans: Root Bound (Part 1)
June 16, 2019

Romans 5:1-5 holds one of the keys to understanding how we are to rejoice in our seasons of suffering.

Romans: How Many?
June 09, 2019

Paul chose to use Abraham in Romans 4:18-25 to deliver us all from pragmatism—allowing the success of our end results to justify the means. Although Abraham never doubted God's promise, he did doubt God's timing and forced his own result.