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Special Projects
August 20, 2019

well this week was filled with Special Projects, Michael is putting the final touches on the RC Trailer and Jay got his 3D printer in the mail and man has it been a pain. AK Mike lost his internet due to the dry heat in Dallas and Doug LeRoy joins our...

Learning from Master Builders
August 06, 2019

Join the guys as they talk about the projects they are working on, Michael learns from some master builders on how to remove carbon fiber, AK Mike is still working on his painting skills. Michael has been working on his RC trailer as well and brings ...

Working With Foam
July 23, 2019

Summer is here and is melting the guys in Arizona/Texas! The A/C is calling so guys are staying indoors this week. AK Mike is painting his EDF, Jay gets a new FPV racing wing and AZ Mike helps out some listeners with tips on painting and repairing foa...

Happy 4th of July!
July 09, 2019

Hope everyone was able to get out to the flying fields to celebrate Independence Day with a BANG! The boys certainly did, AZ Mike got a new AMA waiver with the help of Spencer and Jay and AK Mike spent the long weekend "power flying" to get in maximum ...

AZ Mike gets a Fun Racer Too
June 25, 2019

After having so much fun with AK Mikes fun racer, a huge box shows up on the door step in the form of a Birthday Present from AK Mike. Join your hosts as they talk about the new addition to Michael's fleet.

AK Mike Visits AZ -part 2
June 11, 2019

While the last episode talked about the build and painting of AK Mikes fun Racer, this week we join the hosts as they discuss the fun racer flight. Happy birthday flying all around as they head to the park to fly with the guys.

AK Mike In AZ
May 28, 2019

AK Mike has come to Phoenix to attend his daughters graduation from NAU. While waiting to attend the festivities he and AZ Mike decide to do some building and flying during his stay. AK Mike has brought a new Multiplex FunRacer that debuted at the AZ...

May 14, 2019

Philip, the newest member/media director of the ParkFlyer podcast goes off to Miami to interview members of the AMPS - Aero Modelers of Perrine during their WWI fly-in called the "Dawn Patrol." AZ and AK Mike are hanging out for the week of shenanigan...

Texas Visit – part 3
April 30, 2019

Join the guys as they wrap up Mike's visit to Texas. Two weeks have just flown by, but fun was had by all. We got lots of flying in and was able to help Jim trim out some of his airplanes and get Jay comfortable with his new L-39.

Texas Visit – Part 2
April 16, 2019

This first week has just zipped by for Michael and Jay.  With all the ups and downs of getting out to the flying field and having radio problems that was actually easily fixed but a week late, the time has just been to fast.