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Fox Writers Lab ft. Moira Griffin – Inside the TV Writing Programs (PT137)
June 03, 2019

Alex and Nick look at the Fox Writers Lab with Moira Griffin, who oversees the program. We discuss everything, from the latest update about the program and its application process, to what they look for in scripts, loglines, and what comes after.

Paper Scraps Monthly – Similar Ideas, Quality of Dialogue, and Staffing Opportunities (PT136)
May 27, 2019

Alex and Nick answer audience questions about similar premises, quality of dialogue, and cultural experiences. Plus, we catch up on some of the TV writing news from the past few weeks, including a discussion on staffing opportunities, Netflix, and Disney.

Earning Your Way Into the Writers’ Room ft. Ning Zhou (Ozark) (PT135)
May 20, 2019

Alex and Nick invite Ning Zhou, story editor on Ozark, to discuss how she worked her way up through the assistant ranks and into the fabled writers' room. What are ways of being a valuable writers' assistant? What is the writing process for Ozark?

Paper Team Mentorship II – “Mid-Death Crisis” Beat Sheet (PT134)
May 13, 2019

Alex and Nick continue the Paper Team Mentorship with winner Paul Chang, and his comedy pilot MID-DEATH CRISIS. Step two: a beat sheet of the pilot episode, including general acts and story arcs. We hear about the pilot episode, and discuss our thoughts.

Warner Bros. Television Writers’ Workshop ft. Rebecca Windsor – Inside the TV Writing Programs (PT133)
May 06, 2019

Alex and Nick dig into the Warner Bros. Television Writers' Workshop with its director, Rebecca Windsor. Everything is covered, from what they want in the application and selection process, to how they adapt the workshop to fit the evolving industry.

NBC Writers on the Verge ft. Karen Horne – Inside the TV Writing Programs (PT132)
April 29, 2019

Alex and Nick discover everything about the NBC Writers on the Verge Program from its director, Karen Horne. All there is to know is discussed, from what they look for in specs and essay questions, to how the program has evolved over the years.

CBS Writers Mentoring Program ft. Jeanne Mau – Inside the TV Writing Programs (PT131)
April 22, 2019

Alex and Nick learn all about the CBS Writers Mentoring Program from the person who supervises it, Jeanne Mau. We go over it all, including the importance of scripts and the letter of interest, the interview process, and how the program helps its writers.

From Features to Television ft. Cinqué Lee (She’s Gotta Have It) (PT114)
December 03, 2018

Alex and Nick invite Cinqué Lee, indie filmmaker and writer on Netflix's She's Gotta Have It, to have a fascinating discussion about transitioning from movies to television, as well as adapting features to TV series.

Paper Scraps Monthly VI – Mentorship Announcement, November Paper Tease, Overall Deals & Executives (PT113)
November 26, 2018

Alex and Nick offer feedback on four more teasers and cover a couple TV headlines from the past month, including expensive overall deal and top executives leaving their networks. Plus, we give official information about our Paper Team Mentorship!

Finding Content for Digital TV ft. Hillary Levi (VRV) (PT112)
November 19, 2018

Alex and Nick invite Hillary Levi, creative executive at Ellation and developing shows for their streaming platform VRV, to discuss finding content for streaming and aggregation services.