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Portland Helmich -103
August 12, 2019

Meet a remarkable storyteller whose creative energies flow in so many areas---on camera, on stage, in the voice-over booth. Portland Helmich is an award winning writer, broadcaster and actor with a fascinating story of her own. -

Morgan White Jr. -102
August 06, 2019

Meet the one and only Morgan White Jr, the Undisputed King of Trivia and longtime late night radio personality.  Morgan is the author of the book “Talking Trivia.” - About the host: Jordan Rich has been a voice-over artist for nearly four decades.

Mary McManus -101
July 30, 2019

Meet an indomitable, courageous woman who didn’t take a difficult diagnosis sitting down.  Marathoner Mary McManus can inspire us all! - About the host: Jordan Rich has been a voice-over artist for nearly four decades.

Eugenia West -100
July 23, 2019

On this our 100th podcast, I have the occasion of speaking with a lovely young novelist who continues to write exciting mysteries and historical fiction at the tender age of 96.  Meet the one and only Eugenia West who has many more books to pen and sto...

Andrew Fielding -099
July 15, 2019

Andrew Fielding is a talented writer and broadcast historian who’s written a fascinating book about his mother Sue Bennett, a pioneering performer in the Golden Age of Television.  The book is entitled “The Lucky Strike Papers: Journeys Through my Moth...

Joe Martelle -098
July 09, 2019

Joe Martelle is a  beloved radio veteran with fans throughout New England and the country. We’ll talk about his career as a writer, now with two published books including a bio of the late actor Robert Urich.

Erica Ferencik -097
July 01, 2019

Hear my conversation with one of the hottest novelists around, the lovely Erica Ferencik. We talk about her latest best-seller “Into the Jungle,” how she spent quite a while deep into the dark jungle doing research, her days doing stand-up,

Jim Boyd -096
June 25, 2019

Jim Boyd is a true renaissance man -news anchor, reporter, writer, producer, actor, life-long learner. A Hall of Fame broadcaster, Jim sits down to talk about his career, how TV news has evolved and how much fun it is to act alongside Morgan Freeman!

Aviva Kempner -095
June 16, 2019

Aviva Kempner is an award winning documentary film-maker whose films highlight unsung Jewish heroes. Here we talk about her latest project featuring baseball catcher Moe Berg, heroic spy during WWII. Aviva’s film is entitled “The Spy Behind Home Plate....

Holly Van Leuven -094
June 11, 2019

Holly Van Leuven has crafted a spectacular biography of one our favorite performers.  You’ll want to hear our discussion about the book “Ray Bolger – More than a Scarecrow.”  A must read for Oz fans and anyone who loves a fine show biz story!