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Think you know what humility is? Think again. (An Interview with Dan Kent, author of Confident Humility)
July 11, 2019

Dan Kent has written a fantastic book about humility. You might think the topic sounds boring (so did he!), but he has discovered something about humility which makes a lot of sense and helps us better understand what humility is,

Do the warning passages of Hebrews 6:7-8 and Hebrews 10:27 refer to Christians going to hell?
June 20, 2019

There are five warning passages in Hebrews. Two of them, Hebrews 6:7-8 and Hebrews 10:27, are often used to teach that Christians can go to hell if they turn away from Jesus or stop believing the truth. But is that what the author of Hebrews is saying?...

Does 2 Thessalonians 1:8-9 teach about hell?
June 13, 2019

By carefully studying the context of 2 Thessalonians 1:8-9, we learn that the references to fire, vengeance, and everlasting destruction in this passage are NOT warnings about people suffering forever in the burning flames of hell.

Is the story of the Rich Man and Lazarus (Luke 16:19-31) a warning about hell?
June 06, 2019

The story of the Rich Man and Lazarus in Luke 16:19-31 is probably the premier passage in the Bible that convinces people about the reality of hell as a place of eternal suffering and torment. But is this really what Jesus is teaching in this text?

Does Mark 9:42-50 teach about hell when it refers to worms and fire?
May 30, 2019

Many believe and teach that the imagery of unquenchable fire and corrupting worm in Mark 9:42-50 refers to the suffering and torment of unbelievers in everlasting hell. But is this what Jesus meant? No. This article looks at the context and the verse t...

Is the everlasting fire of Matthew 25:41 a warning about hell?
May 23, 2019

Some think that the everlasting fire of Matthew 25:41 refers to eternal torture in the pit of hell. But this is not what Jesus meant. When the Olivet Discourse of Matthew 24-25 is studied in order and in context,

Is the everlasting fire of Matthew 18:8-9 a reference to everlasting torment in hell?
May 16, 2019

When Jesus speaks of a fiery hell in Matthew 18:8-9, is He warning people about being tortured forever in flames of fire? No. The context makes it clear what He is referring to.

Is the furnace of fire in Matthew 13:40-42 a reference to hell?
May 09, 2019

Does the Parable of the Wheat and the Tares in Matthew 13:24-40 teach that some people will go away to everlasting torment in a furnace of flames where they will scream and suffer and wail and gnash their teeth for all eternity? No.

Does the unquenchable fire of Matthew 3:10-12 refer to hell?
May 02, 2019

Some think that the unquenchable fire of Matthew 3:10-12 refers to hell. But the context shows that this is not what John the Baptist had in mind at all. The context clearly shows he is referring to the destruction of Jerusalem, which occurred in 70 AD.

Does Isaiah 33:10-16 teach about hell?
April 25, 2019

Isaiah 33:10-16 is a text which helps us understand all the fire imagery in the Bible. It shows what the fire does, where the fire comes from, what goes into the fire, and what happens to the things that are burned by the fire. In the end,