Latest Episodes

#46 Roger Popa – Rest in Peace
October 06, 2018

I recorded this podcast with our friend and loyal P1, Roger Popa when he was receiving treatment for his second bout with Leukemia in the Spring of 2017.  We recorded it right in his hospital room and an undisclosed medical facility in Northern Michiga...

#045 The Final Podcast (for now)
September 24, 2017

Two weeks ago, I announced at Kamp Omelette that Rick Coates and I are going to be hosting the morning show on Northern Michigan's Classic Rock, The Bear (98.1 & 97.7)!!  I felt it was important to give an explanation of why I'm going to take a break f...

#044 Kamp Omelette / Bloodshot Victory
September 03, 2017

Boston Brian of the band Bloodshot Victory joins Rick and I  for this special Labor Day Weekend episode!  We share stories from past Kamp O's (Bloodshot Victory has played all of them) and what people can expect when they play Kamp O this year,

#043 Mayweather vs. McGregor Fight Night
August 27, 2017

Rick and I along with Houser gathered at High School Football Guy's house to watch the big fight. We talk Kamp Omelette, make predictions about the fight, talk smack, talk to Houser about politics... ask some of the other guests about many things...

#042 Billy P. / Kamp O
August 20, 2017

Billy P. joins Rick Coates and myself for another Sunday morning podcast... We talk a lot about Kamp Omelette coming up in less than 3 weeks! Billy P. tells us all about what his set will be like at Kamp Omelette (He plays Saturday),

#041 Drinking Wine on Sunday Morning with Old Friends!
August 13, 2017

The old gang of friends get back together for this episode! While we taste Rick's new wine from his company, Wilderness Creek at 9am on Sunday morning... we talk Kamp Omelette, stupid questions people ask, Rick's golf outing during Kamp Omelette,

#040 Sam Porter & Rick Coates / TC Microbrew & Music Festival
August 06, 2017

Sam Porter joins Rick Coates and myself for another podcast on this beautiful Sunday morning in Northern Michigan. We talk about Kamp Omelette updates, Sam's upcoming Microbrew and Music Festival,

#039 Rick Coates / Happy Anniversary
July 30, 2017

Rick joins the podcast again to discuss many things including his health scare after this last appearance on the show, Kamp Omelette, Rick's wine, Omelette's trip back to New England, the UFC, Detroit Tigers trade deadline, Detroit Lions,

#038 Western MA. & Glenn Grilley
July 26, 2017

My lifelong friend, Glenn Grilley joins me on this episode as I record it from his kitchen in Feeding Hills, Massachusetts! We grew up together, so needless to say we have many great stories for The People!!

#037 Rick Coates / Kamp Omelette
July 16, 2017

Rick Coates and I sit on the deck on this Sunday morning to discuss the planning of Kamp Omelette 2017 slated for September 8-10! We also talk about my recent trip to Grand Rapids to see Bill Burr and Dean Delray do stand-up at the Fountain St.