NYSP Ep. 25 is here. 2013 MLB Spring Training and a Sweet Brown Reference? WHAT! yes it's true. We are back, and for you baseball fans this is the episode you will want to listen too. First episode back in a few weeks and we talk strictly baseball. Yankees, Mets, Blue Jays and Phillies. Yes you read that correctly, Blue Jays and Phillies too. Even some mentions about he Angels and Rangers too. I am going to try and add an extra team or two or three in there each week. Talk about whats going on with them, so we can get some sort of an idea what the league is going to look like for the upcoming 2013 season.

A brief podcast this week covering the start of spring training, get you up to speed on some of the off season trades and signings if you missed it or forgot about it. Not much going on in Mets camp at the moment but we give you the update there and we do talk about the Yankees camp including the signing of Kevin Youkilis, who is the proud recipient of the Sweet Brown reference this week.

This gives me an idea, maybe we should have a Sweet Brown recipient each week here on the New York Sports Podcast. Give me your thoughts on this and lets see what we can do.

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Yankees Win