New York, NY, NEW YORK! Sports fans we have a fun one for you this week. NFL Championship Weekend, MLB HOF and Honey Nut Cheerio;s hashtag on Twitter! We cover this past weekend's NFL Division round games, who has advanced to the Championship weekend and my pics to go to the Super Bowl and who will win!!!

If you are not on Twitter, or in a hole somewhere you must have heard about the Honey Nut Cheerio's incident in New York at Madison Square Garden. This was the game between the Knicks and Celtics and the few words that Kevin Garnett had for Carmelo Anthony during that game, supposedly!

Lastly we talk about the HOF inductees or lack there of for this years class. What the steroid era is doing to votes for the HOF applicants. More importantly why is Mike Piazza NOT in the Hall of Fame! All of that and more on the NY Sports Podcast.