NY Sports Fans!!!! NHL is BACK and NFL Wild Card Weekend are the two main topics we will be covering here in the 23rd Episode of the NY Sports Podcast. Hockey fans every where (well at least the ones that are still around) can rejoice! We are looking at a partial hockey season, expanded playoffs and no more CBA talks for 10 years! Hockey fans you are good for at least 10 years now. Hopefully the NHL can undo what they have done to the fans and bring the fans back during that time, without ending with another strike shortened season.

NFL Wildcard weekend, who is still in and who is out. More importantly what happened down their at FedEx Field and the Washington Redskins?? Was is smart to play RGIII (Robert Griffin III) this weekend and risk severe injury? How will Peyton Manning fair against the physical defense of the Baltimore Ravens this weekend? All of that and more on the NFL Wild Card Weekend update.

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