Episode 27 of the NonProphets podcast, in which Atief, Robert, and Scott discuss Atief's foray into the world of Trump bets (00:47); the danger of not staying centered in the truth (11:06); is Jason Chaffetz is not seeking re-election a harbinger for 2018 or just a random event? (12:51:, the likelihood of North Korean nuclear test (21:16); the dangers of anchoring (22:20); the French election (23:26); Le Pen / Frexit - the future of the E.U. and NATO (28:31); the investment theory of party competition and other cures for insomnia (33:44); governing by fear (49:26); why Trump is taking so long to appoint administration officials (51:00); and a bunch of stuff about meat (57:20). As always, you may reach us at nonprophetspod.wordpress.com, or nonprophetspod@gmail.com. (recorded 4/20/2017)