Episode 14 of the NonProphets podcast (recorded prior to the holiday season), in which Atief, Robert, and Scott interview Seth Baum, Ph.D., Executive Director of the Global Catastrophic Risk Institute, about a recent article that he wrote in which he discusses risks associated with the Trump presidency (http://thebulletin.org/what-trump-means-global-catastrophic-risk10266) (00:42). We then speculate about Trump-branded arcologies (33:40), Plato and Trump (37:08), and the importance of civic activity during the incoming administration (38:03). Atief, Robert, and Scott close by revisiting a few holiday-season forecasts before discussing their holiday plans, and vampires (45:02). As always, you may reach us at nonprophetspod.wordpress.com, or nonprophetspod@gmail.com. Dr. Seth Baum's fascinating work can be found at Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists (thebulletin.org), as well as the Global Catastrophic Risk Institute (gcrinstitute.org).(recorded 12/22/2016)