Teddy welcomes back New Rankings film correspondent and James-Cameron-action-figure owner Kevin Best (Sequel Rewrite podcast) for a James-Cameron-movie-length discussion of the top 10 movies of 2017. Some of the films discussed include Coco, Logan, Kedi, Get Out, some cannibal movie that Kevin liked, The Florida Project, the season finale of Nathan for You, and of course, The Book of Henry. Additional conversations include: Why did all of the women on Wonder Woman's island speak in that weird, pseudo-Israeli accent? How come Lady Bird didn't feature a plot line related to the 2002 Sacramento Kings? And did Daniel Day-Lewis allow pennies on the set of Lincoln?

NOTE: The audio goes crackly for some of the second half of the episode. Also the first draft of this episode had two weird, Watergate-style ten-minute gaps of silence. Apologies for these inconveniences, but we have a new microphone now, so moving forward everything should be good!