Hey Rank & File! Starting this week, we're trying something new. As you know, some of our episodes -- like a bad "Will & Grace" from 2002 -- tend to get a bit super-sized. Yet we don't want you to get overwhelmed week-to-week and miss out on any of this hot, hot content! So beginning now, we'll be chopping up some of our lengthier episodes into two-parters and releasing them in back-to-back weeks. Rank you very much.

In Part 1 of this very special episode, Teddy welcomes back his father, Emmy award-winner and candy-loving crank Bill Steinkellner, for a discussion of the top ten funniest sitcom characters ever to slip on a banana peel and straight into our hearts. Questions from this first half of the ranking include: How has Larry David stayed so funny despite being so rich? Who are TV's best examples of the "well-meaning idiot who everyone hates" archetype? And goggles: do they do something, or do they do nothing?