Venezuela wrestles with a dictatorship as the Supreme Court toys with the opposition-led legislature. Also the Venezuelan Bolivar is hyper-inflating past 200% over the last year. Japan now recognizes Bitcoin as a legal method of payment. Litecoin jumps in value and and may be activating SegWit. Pedro joins us in-studio to talk about the Golem Super Computer that runs on the Ethereum blockchain. DASH has an open house and founder Evan Duffield reveals his DASH holdings. GlassHunt hackers have a double-spend tool that may have helped double-spend more than 630 BTC. Vitalik Buterin shares the Casper Contract Code, Ethereum’s future Proof of Stake consensus solution. raises $2 Million in funding for the Universal Sharing Network, turning everyday items into smart objects. Bitfinex has made good on their BFX token exchange after last year's hack. Seedsplit allows you to divide a passphrase or wallet seed into multiple parts to be reassembled later. We discuss hardware wallets and how to handle passing on your crypto post-mortem. All this and more on the Neocash Radio podcast, episode 201 — Wednesday, April 22nd, 2017! /// We’ve written out short overviews and provided links for the topics discussed on today’s show: /// Tune in to Neocash Radio EVERY Wednesday night and subscribe to Neocash Radio on iTunes/ Soundcloud/ Stitcher/ YouTube/ Google Play & iHeartRadio! We’re also on Tunein, Player.FM, Overcast.FM, Podcast Addict, Blubrry, LBRY and more! /// BTC tips: 1KNrZdhxr6kroWCfkyLeYKpkXAAR6KQtrn