Congress sells out the last bastion of internet privacy, welcome to the dawn of the Post-Privacy Era. Ethereum devs are letting ETH holders vote on the future of mining rewards. Dash publishes legal research done on behalf of the masternodes. Ethereum + Metamask make passwords a thing of the past. Alibaba is massive multi-national company and they are using blockchains already with plans to do more. Shapeshift raises 10.4 million in venture capital and teases about two new products to come. Bitcoin Infinity patch looks to inoculate nodes against the Bitcoin Unlimited Chain Fork. Bitcoin Core now pursuing a User Activated Soft Fork to activate Seg-Wit. Storj and the Brave Browser migrate from Bitcoin to Ethereum, and so continues “The Flippening” aka crypto-diversification. All this and more on the Neocash Radio podcast, episode 200 — Wednesday, March 22nd, 2017! /// We’ve written out short overviews and provided links for the topics discussed on today’s show: /// Tune in to Neocash Radio EVERY Wednesday night and subscribe to Neocash Radio on iTunes/ Soundcloud/ Stitcher/ YouTube/ Google Play & iHeartRadio! We’re also on Tunein, Player.FM, Overcast.FM, Podcast Addict, Blubrry, LBRY and more! /// BTC tips: 1KNrZdhxr6kroWCfkyLeYKpkXAAR6KQtrn