This week's show was recorded as Red Light Juliet CDs went on sale. Multitasking under severe pressure was interesting to say the least. Radio Xenu's chat room was into it though. Many of the premiere listeners felt this was the best Neeshcast playlist to date!

Mitch Fatel - "I'm Very Funny"
Jimmy Eat World - "What Would I Say to You Now"
Jimmy Eat World - "The Middle"
Weerd Science - "10 Smack Commandments"
Handguns - "Anywhere But Home"
MC Lars featuring The Matches - “Hot Topic Is Not Punk Rock”
Neck Deep - "Over and Over"
Gnarwolves - "History is Bunk"
Seaway - "Sabrina The Teenage Bitch" [free EP download]
M83 - "*"
Foxy Shazam - "Drain You" (Nirvana cover)
Shwizz - "Doorbell" (live)
Jake Bugg - "Lightning Bolt"
Puscifer featuring Milla Jovovich - "Rev 22:20"
Pink Floyd - "Wish You Were Here"
Session 606 - "Learning To Live In A Makeshift Purgatory"
Silent Rider - "Skin" [free album download]
Explosions in the Sky - "A Song For Our Fathers"
Joey Eppard - "Land of the Lost"
3 - "Signs of Life"
CHON - "Fluffy"
Heartless Breakers - "Bitter Melodies"
Cage - "Agent Orange"
Deftones with B-Real of Cypress Hill - "Black Moon"
The Doors - "The End"

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