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Mysteries Of The Mind

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Mysteries of the Mind | Episode #35 | “The Happiness Trap”
August 15, 2019

The Happiness Trap is a self-help book written by Russ Harris and is based on the ideas of Steven Hayes who developed Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, or ACT.  ACT is based on the premise that our attempts to fight or flee from uncomfortable feelings...

Mysteries of the Mind | Episode #34 | “Testing In Psychotherapy”
August 08, 2019

Psychotherapy can be understood as the process by which the therapist and patient work to disconfirm the pathogenic beliefs that the patient acquired growing up, beliefs that cause the patient to feel distress.

Mysteries of the Mind | Episode #33 | “Why People Sometimes Vote Against Their Own Interests”
August 01, 2019

People act against their own self-interest all the time.  This is the stuff of psychotherapy. But people also vote against their own best interests.  For example, white working class Trump supporters have not benefited from his Presidency and,

Mysteries of the Mind | Episode #32 | “The Importance of Understanding Transference”
July 25, 2019

The past is always alive in the present.  In particular, all of us regularly repeat our important childhood relationships in our current life, especially with people upon whom we’re dependent or who have some form of authority.

Mysteries of the Mind | Episode #31 | “What is a ‘Good Enough Life?’”
July 18, 2019

Most of us think that the goal of life should be happiness.  We define happiness as the opposite of suffering and act as though if we can only get rid of the bad “stuff”, we’ll be left with only the good.  The problem is that this is impossible.

Mysteries of the Mind | Episode #30 | “The Psychology and Politics of Cynicism”
July 11, 2019

Cynicism is a plague in our society.  There is a personal psychological dimension of it and a social or political version.  On a personal level, cynicism is the belief that the way things are is the way they’re supposed to be.

Mysteries of the Mind | Episode #29 | “What Do Dreams Really Mean?”
July 04, 2019

Dreams are unconsciously intended to help people master psychological difficulties. Sometimes they offer warnings, other times encouragement. One can not only learn about oneself from analyzing one’s dreams,

Mysteries of the Mind | Episode #28 | “Why Women Make Men Anxious”
June 27, 2019

Masculinity is founded on the renunciation of femininity.  Boys have to emphasize their difference from their female mothers as they simultaneously attempt to separate from them. Thus, masculinity is based on negating femininity which makes it inherent...

Mysteries of the Mind | Episode #27 | “Let’s Talk Seriously About Pornography”
June 20, 2019

The production of pornography clearly hurts and degrades women performers.  To deny that is to put lipstick on a pig. On the other hand, the “plots” or scenarios depicted in porn do not necessarily reflect what male viewers want to do with real women i...

Mysteries of the Mind | Episode #26 | “What Trump Can Teach Us About Psychology”
June 13, 2019

Trump’s psychology reveals certain universal psychological dynamics in great relief, highlighting conflicts that all of us have.  All of us, all the time, seek to minimize, avoid, or otherwise get rid of unpleasant, painful, or threatening feelings.