MuseCast XIV

MuseCast XIV

Episode #030 – 2018: The Story So Far

September 26, 2018

Welcome back, adventurers! The months of 2018 have seemingly vanished in a flash, and with them they take away MuseCast’s hiatus! Before we jump back into our usual discussion, we take some time to recap all that was going on when episode recording was not: the massive growth of RP communities on Gilgamesh and Lich; the Great Lockening, Unlockening, and Re-Lockening of Balmung; and content creators from A Stage Reborn to Maelstrom Radio flocking to our beloved home server.

We thank our listeners a million times over, and bid you stay tuned for many exciting upcoming episodes, FanFest 2018 giveaways and interviews, and Extra Life 2018 fundraising fun times.

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