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Mortgage Mom Radio - Podcast

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Should you set up a Trust or Will? Why do you need a Trust if you are over 18?
August 21, 2019

Do you have your trust set up yet? Do you know the difference between a trust and a will? Did you know that even if you have a will written, probate is still required? - In this episode we talk with Crista Hermance, Estate Planning Mom!

The kids are back to school, catch up with Debbie & Heidi!
August 19, 2019

Every few episodes we take the time to catch up with The Mortgage Mom and what's new in life. The kids went back to school and for Debbie & Heidi, life has been turned upside down a few times. How did your first back to school week go?

30 YR Mortgage Rates are at their lowest level in 3 YRS, how long will it take to close your loan?
August 16, 2019

30 YR Mortgage Rates are at their lowest levels in three years. What should be your expectation of the timeline to close on a refinance? How about a purchase, will it take just as long as a refinance? - Every Friday,

What determines your interest rate?
August 14, 2019

If you ever get your hands on a mortgage lender rate sheet, you’ll probably get confused in a hurry. The reason being is that they’re intended to be read by mortgage professionals, not everyday Joes. They’re jam-packed with endless numbers, columns,

Returning from Lake Powell and the news from the Federal Reserve!
August 10, 2019

While gone on vacation, I returned to the awesome news that the Federal Reserve dropped the prime rate by .25%. What does this mean to you? Mortgage Rates have hit a 3 year low and now couldn't be a better time to consider a refinance to remove mortgag...

Homebuyer Workshop 202 – You’re In Escrow, What’s Next?
August 08, 2019

My homebuyer workshops cover everything you need to know about the home buying process. Learning about the home buying process will get you ready to start searching for homes rather than dreaming while you watch those famous HGTV shows.

All about my YouTube Workshops
August 02, 2019

If there's a specific topic in the home buying process that you don't understand, choose the one that suits your needs or binge watch them all!  Instead of watching those beautiful homes on HGTV and The Property Brothers,

More of your texts with Alex! Do we lend in Hawaii?
August 01, 2019

We are licensed in multiple states. Where are you looking for financing? Listen as Alex answers many of your text messages as well as explaining how we handle loans in Hawaii. - How do you get through to Mom?

Meet the latest addition to my team: Alex Wilson!
July 31, 2019

Meet the latest addition to my team: Alex Wilson! Alex will be filling in for me while I am away, answering your phone calls, emails and text messages. Let's test her knowledge and answer some of your texts! - How do you get through to Mom?

The Federal Reserve: Cutting the Prime Rate?
July 30, 2019

Big news coming from The Federal Reserve tomorrow. What does this mean to you as a homeowner, and a homebuyer? We'll find out how mortgage interest rates are affected. The announcement happens on July 31. What does that mean for you?