On this week’s MMO Reporter, Chris, Harry and Layanor talk about the Dust 514 beta players getting to play with real people, Neverwinter revealing a few new classes and the TV portion of Defiance.

Listen now:

What we’ve done in game:


  • Ran the new scaled Barad Guldur instance

  • Stopped in on the moors for awhile and got a full set of gear..

  • I made rank 6 on my creep and brought the audacity up to 9.

  • And here is the big news. Around 6PM on 1/3/2013. Layanor turned 1 year old in game time. You have been playing for: 12 months 0 hours 37 minutes 9 seconds

  • Played tons of infectonator 2 – http://armorgames.com/play/13150/infectonator-2

  • Bought DUNGEONS for steam but didnt play it yet. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xOATkOaZMdk


  • Final Fantasy IV

  • Front Mission 3

  • Lunar: Silver Star Harmony

  • Xenoblade Chronicles

  • Monster Hunter Tri

  • FTL


  • Rift


  • Guardians of Middle Earth

  • Assassin’s Creed Revelations

  • Guild Wars 2


Dust 514 interacting with EVE live servers Jan 10th


  • On Thursday the 10th of January, following a slightly longer than usual scheduled downtime, we will be migrating over players currently participating in the DUST 514 closed beta from Singularity to Tranquility.

  • Pc Gamers get to hire counsel players to battle and claim planets.

  • Introducing orbital Bombardments.

  • Migration comes with a reset of character skills and corporations for the DUST players.

Neverwinter Class Reveals

The Great Weapon Fighter


  • Role: Damage dealer and secondary defender

  • Taking on multiple enemies at once and has plenty of AoE skills. “Even the Link charge attack from Zelda!”

  • Daring Shout marks nearby enemies – the stronger the enemies, the more defenses he gains to fend them off while his party recovers.

  • Avalanche of Steel – can be used to clear crowds with area-of-effect damage

The Trickster Rogue


  • Role: Stealth damage dealer

  • Takes on enemies by avoiding hits and doing fast damage in critical areas.

  • Bloodbath – This powerful ability makes the Trickster Rogue an untargetable death machine, leaping from enemy to enemy in a blur of motion.

  • Deft Strike – Bait them into attacking, wait until the last possible moment – then teleport behind them as they commit to the swing.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lxKBOo062mw&list=PLE2E6B481C54A0FA9&index=22

Elite: Dangerous reaches Kickstarter goal


Free MMO Releases over the holidays



  • Release: Open Beta – December 12, 2012

  • Hawken is a free-to-play online mech shooter developed by Adhesive Games.

  • The game centers around the experience of piloting a mech and features fast-paced and tactical combat as well as a huge array of mechs to choose from and customize.

Ragnarok Online 2


  • There are five classes in the game

  • You can take on a non-combat job and become a Chef, Alchemist, Artisan or Blacksmith.

  • Challenge various instance dungeons in teams of five. You can choose between Normal or Hard mode.

Wizardry Online


  • Unique Character Development.

  • Four different classes, each with its unique skill set: Fighter, Priest, Mage, and Thief.

  • Large scale gameplay.

  • Wizardry Online has 10 dungeons with 40 floors and 99 levels.

Elder Scrolls Online – Ask Us Anything


  • Continuing the bi-weekly “Ask Us Anything” question-and-answer series with a new installment all about the Daggerfall Covenant

  • Holy elder scrolls lore questions batman! I just wanna know where the hot catwoman are!

Hardware -




Defiance TV show gets a 2 hour premiere April 15th


  • In 2010, Trion and SyFy channel announced a deal in which a video game and related television series would be produced.

  • MMO shooter gameplay

  • The first interconnect video game and television series

  • Things that happen in game with the players somehow affect the TV series.

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