Michaela Wain Interviews

Michaela Wain Interviews

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Ep.16 Michaela Wain interviews Maggie Oliver
August 08, 2019

Maggie Oliver. Ex police officer who blew the whistle on the Rochdale grooming scandal and has since worked tirelessly to get justice for all involved. She’s an inspiration to everyone and her story is amazing. @MaggieOliverUK

Ep.15 Michaela Wain interviews Rav Wilding
July 18, 2019

Rav wilding, presenter of Crimewatch, discusses his career in the police force, our opinions on knife crime, the army and his long career in TV. @RavWilding

Ep.14 Michaela Wain interviews Charlotte Crosby
July 11, 2019

Star of the Charlotte Show, Charlotte Crosby, tells us all about her education, her amazing career, experience in business and all things social media, trolls and the reality of Reality TV. We even get to see how well Joshua Ritchie and Charlotte know ...

Ep.13 Michaela Wain interviews David Wheater
July 04, 2019

Bolton Wanderers captain, David Wheater, talks to us about his career in football, the current state of Bolton Wanderers Football Club and his experience with Ken Anderson, as well as his love of wrestling.

Ep.12 Michaela Wain interviews John McGinlay
June 27, 2019

Super john mcginlay Bolton Wanderers Legend, talks to us about his career in football and after and the state of Bolton Wanderers and what can be done to sort the club out. @jdmcginlay

Ep.11 Michaela Wain interviews Laurence White
June 20, 2019

Laurence White is a producer working on all kinds of shows from the Apprentice to I’m a Celebrity. He’s also an artist - we talk about all things reality TV, business and creativity with some inside tips and gossip about the TV industry. @laurence_m_white

Ep.10 Michaela Wain Interviews Paul Steele aka Bald Hiker
June 13, 2019

Talking to Paul Steele (aka Bald Hiker) about his time in the army, the rise of twitter and blogging, hiking (of course!), beautiful places to visit and interestingly, the processes involved in a post-mortem! @paul_steele

Ep.9 Michaela Wain Interviews Helen Wood
June 07, 2019

A very honest and frank interview with Helen wood. Talking about her childhood, becoming a young mum, choosing a career, being an escort and a very public scandal. If you’re easily offended this probably isn’t the podcast for you @helenmwood86

Michaela Wain Interviews Mark & Liam of WHYSUP – Part 2
May 10, 2019

This is part 2 of our 2 part podcast with Mark and Liam of WHYSUP so make sure to listen to part 1 if you want to hear the full story. Mark and Liam are two ex addicts discussing their on-going recovery, tails of destruction,

Michaela Wain Interviews Mark & Liam of WHYSUP – Part 1
May 07, 2019

In this 2 part podcast I will be speaking with Mark & Liam of WHYSUP. Two ex addicts discussing their on-going recovery, tails of destruction pre-recovery and the amazing work they do preventing addiction. Be on the lookout for part 2 soon after part 1...